About Us.

Centaurus Technologies are a successful service provider of innovative software solutions and application products that create efficiencies, resolve business problems, promote insight and fulfil client objectives. The company consists of a group of intuitive, experienced and highly motivated individuals comprising designers, architects, code engineers, technology and business specialists. Core team members each have 10 plus years experience across the full software development life-cycle in multiple industries.

Each individual brings their unique dynamism, creativity and experience to the Centaurus team with a shared vision and passion for continual design and development of test driven, creative, innovative and dynamic software applications.

Creative Design




Marketing Strategy


Brand values


Be one centaurus

Collaborate to reach shared goals.

Create a trusting community.

Consider our impact on society.


Customer first

Create meaningful experiences.

Ask questions and act on insights.

Exceed expectations by predicting needs.


Continuous delivery

Be agile, open-minded and adaptable.

Consistently make intelligent decisions.

Recognise areas for improvement.


Be innovative

Push the boundaries.

Be curious about what we can achieve.

Be bold and ambitious.